Our Meditation Classes are free of charge and suitable for beginners.

In our classes we will teach several meditation exercises which you will be able to try in the classes themselves.

There is no need to bring anything to the classes, just bring yourself! – chairs will be provided.

To get the most out of the meditation classes, we recommend you practise at home on your own. Regular practise on your own is the key to developing the capacity to meditate. It is like playing the piano – you cannot expect to be an expert overnight.

tejvanThe meditation classes in Leeds will be given by Tejvan Pettinger. Tejvan was born in Yorkshire and now spends his time between Oxford and Yorkshire. He works as a writer on economics and is an amateur cyclist.

He has been a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy since 1999 and has given many meditation classes in the past 20 years.

Our meditation classes will involve

  • Basics of meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Concentration exercises
  • Meditation on the heart
  • The philosophy and meaning behind meditation
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Some FAQ about our classes

  • How much do the classes cost? – The course is free.
  • Do I need to register? – It is not essential, but you are welcome to let us know you are coming.
  • Do I need to bring anything? – No, just wear light and comfortable clothing. It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal before trying to meditate!
  • How long will the classes last? The classes will last between 1 1/4 hours to 1 and a half hours.