Music for meditation


Meditating in nature

“In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible.”
– Sri Chinmoy, PTP 89

At our meditation classes, we often incorporate music into the exercises. Meditative music can be a great aid and complement to meditation, giving a point of focus and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

During his lifetime Sri Chinmoy offered over 700 Peace Concerts around the world, on many different instruments. His performances came from the depth of his meditation, and can thus provide a window into a profound state of peace. Sometimes he would improvise spontaneously, and other times he would play or sing a selection of his own songs, of which he composed over 21,000.

Many people find Sri Chinmoy’s flute music especially helpful in their meditation. Below is an audio recording, as well as a video if you prefer to have a visual focus too.

The Life River, by Sri Chinmoy, from Radio Sri Chinmoy

We offer CDs of Sri Chinmoy’s music for sale at our classes, performed either by Sri Chinmoy or by his students. If you prefer to listen online, you may like to visit Radio Sri Chinmoy.