Our meditation classes are free of charge, offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre. They are suitable for beginners and those with experience. In the classes we will offer several meditation exercises, based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy, which you will be able to try during the course. 

Free meditation classes

Meditation Classes

In our meditation classes, we teach the basics of meditation and invite participants to practise meditation for themselves. The course emphasises individual self-discovery to find the inner peace and joy that we have within. Our meditation classes are free.

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Next Course

The next free meditation course will start Summer 2024, in Headingley. To register your interest please contact Sumangali on 07974 941556 or use the contact form.

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What is Meditation?

  • Meditation involves quietening the mind, and bringing forward the heart.
  • To meditate is to experience a consciousness beyond thought; a consciousness of peace and real happiness.
  • Meditation helps us to understand more about our real self.
  • Meditation helps deal with anxiety and stress and gives us a good feeling about ourself and the wider world.

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About Sri Chinmoy

The meditation classes are offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre, which has been established in the UK since 1970. We have meditation groups in cities, such as York, Leeds, London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Cardiff. Sri Chinmoy was a spiritual teacher who came to the west in 1964, he established the Sri Chinmoy Centres, and also the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run – a global relay run for promoting harmony and peace.

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Devashishu Torpy talks about meditation